The Significance of Passing Away

This year in particular seems to be the most difficult one for missing Mom. This is the year I would have asked lots of her advice about changes in our lives, and experiences she had the best understanding of.

I am late with the anniversary post for a reason. My Mother-in-law passed away at 102 1/2 last night. Just minutes before the anniversary of the day we Celebrated Mom’s Passing three years ago.

It is profound to think that both women with such significance in Carl and My life would pass away within the same week.
Carl’s Mom fought to stay on this plain of existence to the the very end.
So much so it was painful to not see her release.
We hear about folks having unfinished business and that is why they linger.
But when one is 102 1/2 you would think they had accomplished the business of most of us three times over, and how much could they still have to do?

My Mom passed away so quickly. I was confident she had made peace with all her business and willingly let go.

I was never so grateful for that than these last couple of weeks.

As we came closer to Mom’s death date I asked her for help. We knew Bill (Carl’s Dad) was waiting in Spirit to help his Mom pass over, but we could not figure out why she would not go with him.
I had a twinge of fear at first that Lillian may pass on the same day Mom did. Then I was comforted that a close observance for both Mom’s would be a good thing. So as we got closer to the date then passed the date, the next significant day was Mom’s funeral.

I reached out to Mom again. Asked for help and strength.
Last evening I was doing messages for a group. Spirit was so strong with me. I felt I was on fire. I sensed my Mom so close these last three days.
The moment I got home was the moment Lillian passed away.
I made a comment to Carl when I saw him, that I knew it was done.

I will take great comfort today in believing my Mom and Lillian sat down with a sherry and had a little conversation about time to make it easier for Bill to take Lillian with him.

I am so proud of my Sons for being real MEN and supporting their Dad so much through this. I am so proud of my Mom for helping us at this time. I will miss my father-in-law. For we have always sensed that once Lillian passed we may not sense him so much, as we felt he has always had an even greater purpose. If it was not for my Dad, Carl and I might not be so sane right now. He gave us a bed to sleep in, and chauffeured us around and made food. He is such a trooper.

I am so glad Lillian did not have any pain.

I thank our Moms for working our their scheduling so we have a significant co-week for their passing.

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