Sandra Jane Lundy- Death August 11, 2013 ONE YEAR HAS COME TO PASS

Soon it will be the one year anniversary of Mom’s passing. I could not even have imagined the things that would pass because of Mom, and with Mom, and for Mom as I sat mulling about last year at this time.

It was like the family was lost and then found through the events of my Mother’s passing. We learned of a great sorrow too.
Just over a week previous to my Mother’s death, my God Mother’s Husband had passed. We never knew. I found out on that day I phoned his family to tell them Mom had passed. I was so shocked to hear that a man so full of joy and life passed in such a tough way, and has suffered for a long time.

In making this call and learning this information the two families set out to connect and support each other and become close again. We will gather next weekend (the anniversary weekend of Mom’s Memorial Service) to have a duo family BBQ and celebrate some Birthdays. We have shared some great days together remembering the good old days and sharing current interests.

Dad and I made a trip to the USA to see his cousins and my Great-Aunt Agnes. It was lovely to see all of the family and also reconnect with them. We even produced a video of our family for her 90th birthday!

I have been able to have some great intimate conversations with my Aunt Barb this year. A chance to bond a bit with her. I cannot imagine what the loss of a sister has meant to her.

I have been able to spend time with Annette too. Annette and I were raised together and she is the closest person I have to a sister. It has been great having her here.

Then after a couple of months I finally found Pat Rambo. Mom’s best friend from childhood. I called her to tell her Mom had passed. I promised to go visit her this year. I still have it on my to do list. I think about her lots. I hope that the reconnection with her also sparks another friendship I can carry on so Mom can see it flourish.

Mom gave me a gift of these friends and family when she passed. I know this was her doing. She nudged my soul to make the connections. I will never ever forget this gift.

Our winter was low-key. Dad spends a lot of time visiting with us. It has been great for all of us. We have taken to going out to the movies a lot. Dad has discovered the movie-plex with all its bells and whistles. He quite enjoys it. Carl and I have been quite busy with the Spiritualist Church in our community. We have made lots of new friends through the Church. Dad comes out quite often to join in events and nights I am working at the Church doing Psychic Development nights, or fundraisers.

In the Spring Carl and I opened a Spiritual Shop. It started out years ago online, so I could sell my hand made jewelry. This year it evolved into a small retail shop. It is called Motivated Motion. We sell stuff the Spiritualist and Spiritual Community would use and need. Everything from crystal jewelry to books. We set up in a local flea market and I open the shop on weekends. It was a stretch for me. I could feel Mom’s presence tugging at me in the “Are you sure you want to do this?” kind of way. Dad comes out a lot and helps out at the shop. It has become a hang-out for our friends from the Community and has been quite a success so far.

I expanded the business doing psychic fairs and wellness expos. In doing this I added the Psychic Reading component to the business on-the-road. I don’t believe in taking money for my gift, so I do the readings as fundraisers for Star Of Hope Spiritualist Church. That was the icing on the cake.

Dad has been really working hard this year on his fitness and nutrition. I think Mom has finally been able to push Dad in the right direction. So she had it wrong….the nagging about eating right while she was on this plain of existence was obviously never going to work, but a gentle glide to press the wind in a certain direction from the other plain was the right approach, and he has responded excellently! Dad has changed his whole food routine. He eats tons of vegetables and he is cycling and golfing regularly.

The most profound moments for me this year was the Day Mom passed: when I was able to see her soul light hovering over me. To watch it split in two after I asked if my Sister really was the one who came for Mom (as I had been told in a spirit message one year before). And to watch the two exit to find out they went and hovered over the house so all the neighbours could see. Then as her body was passed through the house each light above her blinked out for just a moment with a final good-bye at the porch-light as she crossed the threshold.

next: to feel my Mom touch my shoulder in a way only she did when I worked one of my away psychic fairs with my friends Cheryl and Pamela. I felt that she was telling me I was in the right place, the right mode, the right circle of friends. Then that day as I got up to do my big presentation on Mediumship and give messages from the podium she rubbed my back. Oh that took me back to my childhood when she would do that when I was over tired or sick or in pain. Those touches were solid, not slight or airy. It felt like she was saying I had come home.

lastly: When I was asked to work as a Canadian Medium at The Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale NY this week. This was a place my Great-Grandmother used to come to. This is a place Mom always want to go, but never did. I arrived to find out I could place flowers on the alter in Memory of a loved one. So I did. The next day during the Divine Service in the Spirit Messages- Mom came through. She not only came through- she walked up the side isle and checked out her flowers on the end of the podium, commented on them, mentioned my Aunt Barbara, then proceeded to say this:”I would have never wanted flowers-but here is right. I am happy and cheery. I bring in another. A man who worked with a trade to do with the outside. Who at times was well tanned. Darker. He is small in stature. He loved his children and he adored his Grandchildren. To him his Grandchildren were angels. We are here laughing and joking and dancing, just waiting for everyone else.” My Godfather referred to his Grandchildren as Angels, and the description was him to a T. On the anniversary week of both of their passing they were able to connect in a public setting.

Dad and I spent many many hours and days throughout this year talking about memories and Mom. We miss her loads. But we have not been heart broken by her death. I think she has helped us with that. She has made her presence known. She wills us to draw up happiness just when we think it could end up too much. I think she helps us feel joy that she passed without suffering or terrible complications beyond what she already had to deal with. We feel blessed that she passed with dignity, suddenly, and with her faculties and in her own home.

I thank my Mom for a Year Well Spent.

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