Sandra Jane Lundy- Death August 11, 2014 TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s passing. Dad just mentioned to me last week that the two years has moved by so very quickly. From July 30th to August 6th Dad, Carl and I spent a week at Lily Dale, NY. I was there to work as a medium for Canadian Weekend. Dad and Carl both made connections with my Mother’s Spirit, and others within the family. It was a wonderful retreat. We had lots of time to gab about memories of Mom. Dad really enjoyed the experience.
These days for me it is all about my Mediumship. I hope Mom is happy with my path and the work I have been doing, and the community I am busy with, and how my business to serve Spiritually Minded people has grown. We are on the verge of expansion again. So this is the time I miss Mom’s guidance the most. She would have had lots of words of wisdom on and reguarding this plain of existence.
I feel her with me every day. I feel like she is keeping the energy around me positive.

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