Mom was a great fisherman. She also was a the first woman licensed to pilot Toronto Harbour.
This was not her record. This was certainly one of the average days for Lundy’s Charters.

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  1. pat rambo

    I was so sorry to hear if Sandra’s death.
    Thank you, Lynne, for tracking me down.
    Sandra and I were best friends for about 7 years in Scarborough.
    When we moved to Oakville in 1953,she continued to come to our family cottage for the summer for a few years.
    Then life took over and we went our separate ways.
    Sandra got married,and I went on to work and live in many places after graduation as a Physiotherapist.
    It was wonderful to read your blog Lynne.
    I remember every square foot of the house in Scarborough,especially sitting around the kitchen table eating piles of smelt fish that Mr. Wilson had just netted-Yummmm!
    So thanks Lynne.You took me back to some of the best years of my life.
    God bless Sandra and he family.
    Pat Rambo

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